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Areas of Interest: IT/Software
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SAP Startup Focus is a global program helping startups in the Big Data, predictive and real-time analytics space (ML/AI, IoT, Blockchain, AR/VR, …) develop new applications and accelerate market traction. The Program offers: • Access to SAP technology, AWS and GCP credits – free • Access to technical experts, marketing and sales enablement support – free • Access to SAP’s 340,000+ global customer base – free • Opportunity to pitch to the venture community – free The Startup Focus program encompasses over 6,000 startups in 25 industries from 60 countries, with 300 validated solutions available to SAP customers. The Startup Focus concentrates on developing groundbreaking applications with startups, to redefine & reinvigorate industries. SAP Startup Focus (SAP’s Global Startup Accelerator program) and Innovation Society, The Government of Andhra Pradesh (GovAP) have partnered to collaboratively discover, realize, and empower local innovation in the Indian state. This alliance will grow on many fronts, including formation of a joint startup accelerator and partnered facilitation of technologies, governances, and knowledge – all to empower Andhra Pradesh’s entrepreneurial state.