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November 23, 2018 - November 24, 2018

Blockchain Leadership Summit

23-24 November 2018 the main blockchain industry event - Blockchain Leadership Summit (#BLS2018) - will take place in Basel, Switzerland. Top experts, proactive investors and recognized visionaries will discuss global effect, financial regulation of blockchain integration, real cases of the next industrial revolution; they will talk about centralized liquidity domination, DEX development, lemmings on the market; and will demonstrate the pros and cons of investing in Blockchain. There will be over 2500 attendees and more than 70 top speakers and experts. The Summit has been initiated by InnMind, the first Swiss-made global business ecosystem for the innovative community, start-up founders, experts, investors, mentors and service providers who are focused on work with innovations.

October 31, 2018

Market Research Society of India - Corporate Connect Session

The Market Research Society of India along with NIPP is organising Corporate Connect Session (speed-dating format) on 31st October, 2018 in Bengaluru. Corporates such as ITC limited, Colgate Palmolive, Mondelez International, Azure Knowledge etc. will be attending the session. In this event, leaders from our corporate partners will interact with Start-ups who have technology products which can be relevant to the Marketing Research and Insights process. The invited Start-ups get 2 minutes each to pitch their products to the corporate. The corporate indicate their interest in getting more details from the companies that pitch and short 10-minute meetings then take place immediately. Last edition was done in March in NCR, where 13 companies & 13 Tech Sellers participated. We achieved 102 meetings within a half day time frame with a majority of sellers attaining 9 to 11 meetings each and likely resulting in at least 3 concept/pilot projects.

July 30, 2018

NIPP Innovation Day

We are proud to announce that, we have organised the first NIPP Innovation Day on 30th July 2018. On this day we are celebrating 3 years completion of NIPP (NASSCOM Industry Partner Program) and also felicitating the winners of the NIPP Blockchain Challenge 2018. It’s our pleasure to share with you that this hackathon has become the biggest enterprise Blockchain event and we have received about 2000 registrations, out of which the top 50 teams are going to hack their way to glory on 28th and 29th July at the 10,000 Start-up Warehouse in Bangalore. RSVP by clicking on image.

July 30, 2018

NIPP Innovation Day

The first NIPP Innovation Day was celebrated on 30th July, 2018 - a landmark event for the NASSCOM Industry Partnership Program (NIPP)! It truly was a grand success with the event attracting the participation of 150+ Attendees from 40+ Corporates and 25+ Startups. The event not only set the foundation for creating a stronger and more meaningful partnership with our Corporates but also gave insight and strength into the vision and future of the program, through the various roundtable and panel discussion sessions.

July 06, 2018

Customer Retention 2018

With a high rise in Online Customer Services, it is extremely vital to keep a check on your competitors and dissolve the fine line between 'just satisfied customers' and 'loyal customers' smoothly. With the exclusive Customer Retention - 2018 session brought to you by PayU, learn, how you can: Engage your customers better Boost their loyalty towards your business Generate high volumes of sales easily We warmly welcome you to our first unique and invitation based session hosted at Ginserv Auditorium, Bangalore on July 6, 2018 from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm. Foster the basic art of Customer Retention, marketing and payments industry on our blog. When? 6th July 2018, Friday | Time: 10.00 AM to 3.00 PM Where? Global Incubation Services, CA Site No 1, HAL 3rd Stage, Behind Hotel Leela Palace, Kodihally, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560017 Who's talking? 1. Saurabh Garg, Co-founder and CBO, NoBroker.in 2. Isha Sapra, Customer Relationship Management Specialist, Titan. 3. Sameer G, Head - Customer Success, Greytip Software Pvt. Ltd. 4. Kumar Setu, Co-Founder, Petoo.in

June 29, 2018

Catalyst - Powered by Societe Generale

Catalyst is an innovative platform that lends best minds, data and infrastructure to mentor start-ups. Societe Generale Global Solution Centre (SG GSC) announces the 2018 edition of Catalyst and calls for Fintech, Technology start-ups and Universities to take part in the digital transformation of the banking industry. Catalyst, a 10-week accelerator program, aims at connecting innovation experts and enterprise-relevant technology startups with Societe Generale business leaders, to deliver actionable solutions and insightful research, in areas of strategic interest to the banking industry. Hosted at SG GSC premises, from the 22nd June, the 2018 edition of Catalyst will provide participants with over 250 global business cases, spanning 16 countries. A collaborative platform, Catalyst will provide participants with the required operational skillsets, infrastructure and application to test, iterate and scale their products on real business scenarios and data volumes.

June 26, 2018

Mint Event

We partnered with Mint as a knowledge partner for the annual Mint Fintech Summit on 26th June in Bangalore. We supported Mint in identifying start-ups that had disruptive and transformative solutions for the BFSI sector. The start-ups NIRA finance, Toolyt and RadiiusCorp were selected among the finalists that participated at the pitch session during the event.

June 25, 2018

Pitch Session - Accenture Services

Kieran J White - Sr. Manager, Customer Experience & Channel Strategy, Accenture Australia, visited the Bangalore Warehouse on 25th June. He interacted with 3 start-ups working in Retail Banking space, to discuss solutions related to E-KYC, Customer Experience Platform, and Digital Banking Platform. The aim of the session was to explore synergies and collaboration opportunities between Accenture & the startups.

June 14, 2018 - June 15, 2018

Use Case Clearing House (UCCH)

NIPP along with the Data Security Council of India (DSCI) organised a Use Case Clearing House (UCCH) on 14th & 15th June, in the Bangalore Warehouse. The platform brought together researchers, entrepreneurs, solution providers, users and policy makers for brainstorming on various Use Cases, their solutions, designing and prototyping. The workshop achieved a positive outcome, overall, with technology solutions for the use cases being designed based on specific considerations from the session. Focus Areas: • Digitization and Innovation: Growing Liabilities & Obligations of Privacy Landscape • Technology Modelling of the Subject Matters of Privacy • Scenarios of Privacy Implementations and Ramifications • Use case Identification, Formalization & Finalization • Critical Examination of Identified Use Cases

June 04, 2018

Pitch Session - Societe Generale

Societe Generale's Innovation Team visited the Bangalore Warehouse on 4th June. The team interacted with 4 curated and shortlisted start-ups working in the fields of Automation, Analytics and AI. Both parties enthusiastically participated in discussions on solving pressing innovation needs and how to build future collaborations to solve the same.

May 23, 2018 - June 02, 2018

IBM Workshop

A six-city workshop on Blockchain Technologies was organized with the support of our Knowledge Partner IBM, from 23rd May to 2nd June. The workshop was conducted by Mani Madhukar - Architect & Developer Engineer, IBM India. It received great responses across all the regions, with over 300 developers and blockchain enthusiasts attending the sessions. Out of the attendees, 66% were developers, which implied that we were able to reach the right audience.

May 16, 2018 - July 30, 2018

NIPP Blockchain Challenge 2018

NIPP Blockchain Challenge 2018 - A Grand Success! With an overwhelming response which saw more than 3000-odd applications pouring in and equally, the extensive support from our partners, we knew that we had hit something big! The 1st Enterprise Blockchain focused pan-India NASSCOM hackathon (May – July, which concluded over a 36-hour final hackathon in Bangalore on July 28th & 29th) was a challenge thrown at Blockchain developers with 30th July being the day of crowning glory with the demos, prize distribution and gala evening. It was most encouraging to see 7 leading Corporates joining us as Technology/Strategic Partners of the initiative and sharing 20 use-cases across 10 tracks such as BFSI, Retail-tech, Health-tech, Auto-tech, Telecom, Supply chain etc. This, along with the help of our expert jurors & mentors in guiding and judging the 160+ teams throughout the duration of the lead-up, as well as the hackathon finale, worked wonders in adding to the quality of the event and motivating the participants to push hard, code better and come up with the most apt solutions!

May 02, 2018

Pitch Session - Accenture Services

Accenture’s Hong Kong Team runs the Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific Program. Rosie Hampson, Program Lead visited the Bangalore Warehouse on 02nd May and interacted with 13 Indian Startups.

April 28, 2018

PayU Upstart Workshop –Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune

NIPP supported UpStart: Starting Up Right by PayU on 28th April in Kolkata, Upstart: Funding ka Funda on 5th May in Hyderabad and UpStart: Designing for Startups on 23rd June in Pune. The events received an overwhelming response through the legal knowledge shared and discussed by the participants and speakers, alike. The workshops tackled topics right from starting a company and protecting its stakeholders to intellectual properties. The attendees included Raj Lakhotia - DilSeWill, Hari Balasubramanian – Member, Indian Angel Network & IvyCap and Saahil Wadhwa - Easy Daftar, along with start-ups from the cities that stole the show. PayU was happy with impact of the workshops, with special emphasis on real time key influencers being involved.

April 25, 2018

Roundtable - Virtual Payments

A great thought provoking discussion was conducted at the Virtual Payments Roundtable in the 10000 startups warehouse, Kolkata on 25th April. The key points raised and discussed were security, credit worthiness and ease of transactions. The participants were Kotak, IBM and Camellia. These companies met with 3 Fintech startups, Findvise, OneWalletHub and MPokket. There was a lot of actionable takeaway on setting and enhancing virtual payments benchmarks in industry, academia and corporates.

March 16, 2018

NIPP GCC Konnect Sessions

NASSCOM put together a power-packed session on 16th March, in Bangalore, with a host of innovation leaders as speakers, and some of the best nominated startups on showcase. The confluence was exclusively curated for GCCs to engage in conversations with Startups & GCC peers on Innovation. The initiative will scale up under the cross pollination agenda of NIPP and be a national board to champion open innovation within GCCs. ??The GCCs in India have come a long way from Cost arbitrage to Value addition to garner path breaking Innovation's. GCCs have been one of the early adopters of engaging with the Start-up community to propel External acceleration and digital transformation. NASSCOM and the GCC community, with this common goal of getting the Enterprises and Start-ups together, created a platform GAIN - (GCC Accelerated Innovation Network).

February 19, 2018 - February 21, 2018

NIPP Konnect Session at WCIT-NILF, Hyderbad

Start-up & corporate co-creation focused partnerships have stood out as a key factor in the future of disruptive innovation. To facilitate the same, a NIPP Konnect Session was organised as part of WCIT-NILF 2018, between 19th & 21st February, in Hyderabad. A total of four sessions (2 on Day 1, and 2 on Day 2) drew focus on Emerging Technologies (Healthtech, HRtech), Fintech, Retailtech and Digital transformation. Our leading corporate partners participated in multiple sessions, with keen interest in meeting innovative start-ups in a one-on-one, speed dating format. As many as 250 one-on-one meetings were enabled during the four sessions, with the participation of 35 corporates and 40 start-ups.

February 15, 2018

Pitch Session - RBS

The Global Analytics Head of RBS visited the Mumbai office on 15th February, to interact with 4 start-ups in the Reg-tech and Customer Services domain. Both factions found the session to be productive, with RBS currently participating in ongoing discussions with two start-ups, to explore further collaborations.

February 14, 2018

Partner Event - SPARK 2018

SPARK 2018, was organised by Unilever, at their Bangalore campus, on 14th February. The event provided a great opportunity for start-ups to engage in ‘meet & greet’ sessions with the various teams at Unilever. The start-ups were able to showcase their solutions across functions, highlighting the versatility of techniques available for problem-solving. A memorable stand-out at the event was the product showcase by a start-up from the Bangalore Warehouse.

February 13, 2018

Pitch Session - Unilever

The Bangalore warehouse, hosted the global delegation from Unilever, led by Waheed Malik - Chief Architect, Information Technology; IT Innovation, Phoebe Thacker - Lead Enterprise Architect, New Tech. and Innovation and Elly Noel - Architect, IT. They took part in a constructive discussion with four start-ups in the AI, Analytics and Blockchain sectors, which offered solutions in the Retail space.