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Maruti Suzuki MAIL

Maruti Suzuki’s MAIL is a corporate accelerator that is specially designed to support startups, in order to identify innovative and cutting edge solutions, which are futuristic and customer oriented. Startups with ideas that can be applied in the field of automobile and mobility are invited to apply for the MAIL program. The MAIL program selects the top 5 startups in its cohort after careful screening and evaluation of applications. These startups get mentored by startup industry experts (international and domestic) as well as an opportunity to work on an actual use case assigned by Maruti Suzuki. The participating startups also get technical support from Maruti Suzuki’s in-house domain experts. The winners of the cohort would be given an opportunity to do a paid Proof of Concept (Pilot) with Maruti Suzuki.


1) Maruti Suzuki launches its Innovation Program

Maruti Suzuki India launched a program - Mobility & Automobile Innovation Lab (MAIL) to promote innovation in India for automobile and mobility space. It is an initiative by Maruti Suzuki to identify innovative and cutting edge solutions through start-ups Read more...

2) Here Are The 5 Startups Accelerated By Maruti Suzuki India

One of the leading automobile companies, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, has been doing its share of supporting the Indian startup ecosystem for growth and innovation. Along the same lines, the company under its Mobility and Automobile Innovation Lab (MAIL) programme, has accelerated five startups. Read more...

3) Maruti Suzuki MAIL supports innovative startups with futuristic ideas to transform the evolving automobile and mobility space

Innovation is the need of the hour, but open Innovation is what is driving businesses to come up with cutting edge solutions to secure future. Today, businesses are on a lookout for futuristic solutions to fulfil corporate goals that are beyond dealing with competitors. India’s evolving automobile and mobility sector seeks innovative ideas to prepare for the uncertain future. Read more...

4) Maruti Suzuki collaborates with five startups under its MAIL program

Maruti Suzuki India Limited has selected five startups for Proof of Concept (PoC) under its Mobility & Automobile Innovation Lab (MAIL) program. This will help accelerate these concepts towards real-time applications. MAIL is an initiative by Maruti Suzuki to identify and bring together startups with innovative and cutting-edge solutions, to collaborate for open innovation in mobility and automobile space. Read more...

Areas of Interest: Mobility & Automobile
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Maruti Suzuki MAIL is looking for Innovations in the field of – Advertisement / Autonomous Mobility / Artificial Intelligence / Block chain / Big Data Analysis / Connected Cars / Data Security / Electric Vehicle & Infrastructure / Finance / Logistics / Loyalty Program / Rural / Shared Mobility / Supply Chain / Vehicle Diagnostics / Vehicle Safety / VR / Warehousing